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Voyage to the Bottom of the World

In December of 2014, Ty Smedes spent almost a month exploring the southern reaches of the globe on the Expedition ship Ortelius. The first stop was the Falkland Islands, the site of the largest Black-browed Albatross colony in the world, numbering 220,000 breeding pairs. In addition, Rockhopper Penguin pairs were breeding in various places among the albatross. Next stop was South Georgia Island, the diamond in the Southern Ocean's crown jewels of Sub-Antarctic islands, a spectacular glaciated landscape home to some of the greatest wildlife densities found anywhere on earth. Ty will take us ashore to visit the huge Fur Seal Colonies and to witness the titanic struggle between bull Elephant Seals, each battling to become beach-master. We will visit King Penguin colonies numbering 335,000 pairs or more. We’ll see and hear their struggles to survive in a challenging climate, where some of the roughest seas in the world meet. This island, just 100 miles long and with 100 million birds, is the most wildlife-rich island on the planet! Along the Antarctic Peninsula, we will visit dazzling blue icebergs in shapes that defy the imagination. This stunning landscape hosts several penguin species and the leopard seals that hunt them - framed by a backdrop of endless glaciers and spectacular mountain scenics. Join us for this educational and visually stunning presentation about this beautiful and wildlife-rich part of the world.



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