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We offer magazine feature writing as well as nature and stock photography, prints, and over-seas photo-safaris.We also offer high-quality slide presentations - covering everything from prairies, and the wildflowers and insects that inhabit them - to the wilds of Africa and Antarctica, and the incredible animals that live there. Ty Smedes is a full-time outdoor writer and Iowa photographer based in Urbandale, Iowa. With more than 300,000 photo images on file, we can supply your wildlife, wildflower, and scenic images, as well as coverage of Iowa agricultural, rural, and small-town cultural events. Please contact us regarding availability of images, and usage rates. Rates will vary, depending upon the type of usage. Des Moines photos, and Iowa photos are also a specialty.

2nd Edition Now Available !

In 1977, Iowa recorded its first bald eagle nest in 72 years and amazingly, little more than 3 decades later, 294 young were reared across 92 counties during 2012. Declared our national bird in 1782, the bald eagle was on the brink of extinction during the 20th century until measures were taken to save it. This 2nd edition of The Return of Iowa’s Bald Eagles chronicles this conservation success story with new facts and anecdotes. New nesting charts and statistics are included, and wintering charts and statistics are current through 2013. Additionally, the photo gallery has been enriched with over 70 new action photos, and six new and amazing photo-sequences that showcase Iowa’s Bald Eagles twisting, turning, diving, and catching fish. These spectacular color photographs – among the most incredible photographs ever taken in Iowa and the US - have captured the power, grace, and majesty of the Bald Eagle as it returned to prominence here in Iowa.

257 full-color pages, 11-1/4 x 7 1/2, softcover

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Publisher: Iowan Books

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New ! Perhaps the most beautiful and diverse collections of Iowa nature images ever to appear in a single book. This visual treasure takes the reader on a photographic journey to every corner of the state. You will discover colorful prairies, beautiful streams, and forested wilderness areas which contain rare plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, and colorful butterflies. From a tiny crab spider hiding among the petals of a beautiful wildflower, to the bison mega-fauna that roam the prairie hilltops of western Iowa’s Loess Hills, Iowa’s wild beauty is on full display. These special images, along with descriptive text, provide an intimate look at Iowa’s natural world.

302 full-color pages, 11-1/4 x 7 1/2, softcover

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Publisher: Iowan Books

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Renowned Iowa nature photographer Ty Smedes puts the best of his Iowa images together in this beautiful book. Capturing Iowa's Seasons follows the common and uncommon visitors to Iowa's landscape throughout the year. Spring features adorable wildlife babies and migrating songbirds. Summer showcases fabulous images of wildflowers and other native prairie inhabitants. Fall features the incredible snow goose migration, and Winter the bald eagle spectacular. In the final chapter, Ty shares his considerable knowledge and tells us how to take our own great nature photos. You'll want to buy multiple copies to send to family and friends and keep a copy of your own.

165 full-color pages, 11-1/4 x 7-1/2, softcover.

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Publisher: Iowan Books