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South Georgia Island - Nature's Masterpiece

In the Atlantic Ocean, nestled about half-way between the tips of South America and Africa, a 100 mile long mountainous island towers above the sea. It’s beaches are a wildlife paradise, crowded with battling bull Elephant and Fur Seals, all vying for space with several species of penguins, which number into the hundreds of thousands! This British protectorate (former headquarters for the South Atlantic whaling fleet) is now managed as a pristine environment. Home to more than 100 million birds, including several species of Albatross, these protective measures are expected to push the population to 300 million birds. Come see and learn about this magical place, as we ply the scenic bays, aboard the Ortelius, an expedition ship, built to navigate some of the roughest seas in the world. Prepared as an educational and stunningly beautiful presentation.


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