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Nature Photography 101

Slide Presentation and lecture, with examples of what constitutes good nature photography. We will cover technique, composition, and the things that make a subject interesting to your viewer. We will also see and discuss examples of what constitutes a good vs poor specimen, whether it is a plant or animal. Scenic photography techniques will also be covered. Lighting and exposure will be discussed, as well as camera and lens choices, tripods, tripod heads, and other equipment.. Differences between RAW and JPEG images will be explained, along with the advantages of each, and a primer on post-processing on the computer, for optimum results. This is a great class for those who want to get started with nature photography as well as those who are already experienced and want to pick up some new ideas and techniques. Best for those with 35mm DSLR cameras utilizing interchangeable lenses, but will be helpful to those with point-and-shoot cameras as well – especially those wanting to upgrade to DSLR.


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