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Loggerhead Shrikes - at nest

This page features a number of images of a Loggerhead Shrike nest, including parents at the nest, feeding young a variety of prey, and scolding an intruding predator (Short-tailed Weasel). Just click on a thumbnail to view an enlarged image.


Loggerhead Shrike and impaled remains of small bird.

Loggerhead Shrike in nest tree

Loggerhead Shrike with spider for hatchlings at nest

Loggerhead Shrike feeding a beetle to young, at the nest

Loggerhead Shrike at nest, with grasshopper. Note that most of the legs have been removed.


Loggerhead Shrike removing fecal sac from nest

Loggerhead Shrike feeding small grasshopper to young, at nest

Loggerhead Shrike with youngster, at nest

Loggerhead Shrike scolding a Short-tailed Weasel, near the nest

This is the Long-tailed Weasel that was scolded by both Shrikes, below the nest


Male Loggerhead Shrike has just passed the remains of a small bird to his mate, on the nest.




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