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Iowa’s Wild Beauty

In light of the challenges presented by the changes to Iowa’s natural heritage, I have endeavored to share images of our state’s most enduring natural history. This slide presentation and lecture, highlighting Ty’s new book Iowa’s Wild Beauty will take you along – on a visit to Iowa’s prairies - to enjoy the summer wildflower bloom - as we also take a look at many of Iowa’s colorful butterflies and many other unique insects. We’ll explore the White Pine Hollow Sate Preserve to take a look at the fungi, mosses, liverworts, and ferns that grow there, and you will learn about some of Iowa’s reptiles, including the Prairie Rattlesnake, which lives amongst the bison at Broken Kettle Grasslands State Preserve.. You will be amazed by breath-taking images of some of the cutest wildlife babies, and the parents that nurture them to adulthood. And we will take a look at Iowa’s Bald Eagles, along with several other birds of prey, that nest in and pass through Iowa, during migration each year. Special emphasis will be placed on the colorful warblers, as they migrate through Iowa each spring - with some stopping to nest and rear their young in our state. And you will learn about Iowa’s resident ducks, geese, swans and water-birds as well. Lastly, we will take a journey through the fall and winter seasons, to enjoy spectacular fall color images, along with photos that highlight the beauty and harshness of the winter season. Many images have been chosen which tell a brief story — each accompanied by captions — rich with informative descriptions of each subject, event, and place. If you would like to experience Iowa’s scenic natural areas, as well as its wild-flowers and animals presented in a breath-taking way, join us for this presentation about Ty’s 3rd book – Iowa’s Wild Beauty.


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