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Iowa's Spectacular Spring Songbird Migration

Iowa’s location in the center of the country makes it a great location for observing and enjoying the spring songbird migration. Writer and photographer Ty Smedes will present photos and will share his knowledge of more than 30 warbler species, along with the many colorful vireos, tanagers, and other migrating passerines. Physical characteristics of the various species, useful for identification, along with habitat favored during migration, migration dates, favorite field guides, etc., will be discussed. Photo emphasis is on behavior, including singing, nesting, and especially catching insects and larvae. Ty is a regular feature writer & photographer for the Iowa DNR's Iowa Outdoors Magazine, and his work has appeared in The Iowan Magazine, Our Iowa, the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation Magazine, and other publications. He is the author of three nature books, including Capturing Iowa's Seasons , The Return of Iowa's Bald Eagles (which has been released in an updated 2nd edition), and Iowa's Wild Beauty..


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