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The Wood Duck in Iowa

If you’ve ever hiked along an Iowa stream or back-water and heard the haunting Hooeee…Hooeee…Hooeee of Wood Ducks rocketing up through the seemingly impenetrable tree-tops, I know it’s a thrill you won’t forget! Recognized as our most beautiful North American duck, the male’s colorful plumage is stunning to behold. My slide show and presentation will take you through the process of building a Wood Duck nest box, and will provide instruction on when and where to place each nest box, along with methods for guarding against predators. We’ll discuss the interesting life-cycle of this beautiful little duck and I’ll lead you through the steps of proper annual nest box maintenance, once you’ve placed them in a favorable locations. I’ll also share many anecdotes gained through 35 years of Wood Duck management, and of course we’ll view plenty of photos of those handsome drakes, their mates, and of course those cute ducklings that will mark the success of your efforts..



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