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Favorite Nature Images of the Year - 2017

Welcome to "Favorite Nature Images" a gallery page featuring my own favorite photos, selected from among my best images of the current calendar year. I will continually add images to this page, as the year progresses, so you may enjoy many of my most exciting images of the year. Just click on an image to view an enlargement.

Winter 2017

Great Gray Owl diving at prey

Great Gray Owl diving at prey

Great Gray Owl diving at prey

Great Gray Owl capturing prey


Two Whitetail Bucks sparring

Golden Eagle Soaring



Golden Eagle sitting on an old windmill

Rough-legged Hawk (female)

Spring 2017

Canada Goose hatch

Canada Gosling on mom's back



Six Canada Goslings, ready to go


A Scarlet Tanger and an Orchard Oriole face-off

Yellow Warbler (Golden Group)

A pair of male Bay-breasted Warblers on the same branch



Golden-winged Warbler male

Least Bittern with small fish

Northern Parula male hanging upside-down

A singing male Northern Parula



Cerulean Warbler male ruffling his feathers




Summer 2017

Jumping Spider

Flies Mating



Crab Spider waiting in Ambush



Fall 2017

Coyote jumping over a log


Birdwing Butterfly - West Papua



Jewell Babbler - West Papua

Beautiful Fruit Dove - West Papua



Feline Owlette Nightjar - West Papua


Magnificent Bird of Paradise- West Papua



Western Parotia Bird of Paradise- West Papua

Wilsons Bird of Paradise- West Papua



Displaying WIlsons Bird of Paradise - West Papua











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