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Favorite Nature Images of the Year - 2016

Welcome to "Favorite Nature Images" a gallery page featuring my own favorite photos, selected from among my best images of the current calendar year. I will continually add images to this page, as the year progresses, so you may enjoy many of my most exciting images of the year. Just click on an image to view an enlargement.


Winter 2015/2016

Short-eared Owl

Snowy Owl

Great Gray Owl close-up

Great Gray Owl Diving at Prey


Hawk Owl Hunting

Gray Partridge eating Soybeans


Northern Harrier (female) eating Pheasant

Snow Bunting- part of a large flock

Spring 2016

Wood Duck Drake Reflection

Wood Duck Drake Close-up

Displaying Wood Duck Drake

Hooded Merganser Drake Reflection


Hooded Merganser Drake Reflection

Hooded Merganser Hen Reflection


Displaying Hooded Merganser Drake

Displaying Hooded Merganser Drake


A very wet Magnolia Warbler

American Bittern in early morning light

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher building a nest
of lichens and spiderwebs

Having bathed, a Nashville Warbler looks for larvae



Singing male Prothonotary Warbler

Singing Northern Parula


Cape May Warbler hunting for
larvae in pollinating willow

Mink with youngsters at den



Gray Fox & Kit at Den

Young Wood Chucks sharing







Summer 2016


Female Chestnut-sided Warbler feeding a White-fringed Emerald Moth (Nemoria mimosaria) to a nestling

Female Chestnut-sided Warbler feeding 3 insects to young



Chestnut-sided Warbler pair, feeding a Saddled Prominent (Heterocampa guttivitta (red mark on back)) larvae and a second larvae to their young


A Buffalo Tree Hopper - Ceresa - Ceresa albescens


A Face fly (Musca autumnalis) - seemingly checking his crystal ball to determine what lies ahead and where he should go for the day.

Male Jumping Spider on Cup Plant



Mating Leafhoppers(cicadillidae)


A Helmeted Squash Bug Nymph (Euthochtha galeator) perched on a flowering Gaura

Fall 2016


Zambia - Leopard stalking an Impala

Zambia - Leopard taking down an Impala at night



Zambia - Leopard suffocating an Impala
it has taken down, during the night

Zambia -Leopard in tree, following the take-down of an Impala that failed, because of a challenge by Hyenas


Zambia - Leopard with Puku Antelope, in tree at night

Zambia - Leopard climbing tree, the next day
to feed upon a Puku Antelope killed the previous night




Zambia -in tree the next day
with Puku Antelope killed the previous night

Zambia - Carmine Bee-eater



Zambia - Swallow-tailed Bee-eaters

Zambia - Swallow-tailed Bee-eater coming
to land with an insect



Zambia - Great Egret at Sunrise


Gray Fox on Log

Gray Fox with Mouse


Redtailed Hawk swooping at prey









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