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Favorite Nature Images of the Year - 2009

Welcome to "Favorite Nature Images" a gallery page featuring my own favorite photos, selected from among my best images of the current calendar year. I will continually add images to this page, as the year progresses, so you may enjoy many of my most exciting images of the year. Just click on an image to view an enlargement.

Winter 2009

Coyote leaping through the snow

Red Fox in deep snow

Short-eared Owl closeup

Short-eared Owl in snow

Bald Eagle Diving for Fish

Swooping Bald Eagle

Northern Hawk Owl


Spring 2009

Dancing Sharptail Grouse

Singing American Redstart

Northern Parula

Singing Black-throated Green Warbler

Red Fox Vixen & Kit





Summer 2009

female Prothonotary Warbler with insects,
going to the nest

male Prothonotary Warbler with worm,
male Prothonotary Warbler with worm,
going to the nest

male Prothonotary Warbler hovering and feeding a fledgling

Wood Lily in western Iowa

Northern Monkshood in ne Iowa

Displaying male Redwing Blackbird

A northeast Iowa Stream

A North central Iowa Prairie

Fall 2009

Fall color along a northeast Iowa stream

Fall color and a reflective pool in northeast Iowa

Three Whitetail Bucks Fighting - 10pt is down,
and 8pt and 12pt are above

12pt vs 8pt Whitetail Bucks Fighting

12pt Buck running off an 8pt buck

10pt Buck chasing doe, during rut

12pt Buck during rut

10pt Buck during rut


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