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I typically have several presentations scheduled, and here are the details. Some of these are open to the public and some are not.

2017/2018 Presentation Schedule
Date & Time
Aug 31st - 10:00am Loon Magic As an icon of the north-country, the Loon has created magic for all who have enjoyed his antics and that magical “call of the wild”. I will lectures about the life history of the Loon, and shares many stunning images. Having made many trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota, I have captured the iconic images of a female loon, on the nest, with youngsters riding on her back, the male feeding the young, and many other interesting behaviors. Look forward to an exciting and educational presentation! Wesley Living location - Pella - Fair Haven Retirement Community
Sept 13th 10:00am Voyage to the Bottom of the World Join me for a fascinating slide presentation and lecture, as we travel the Antarctic seas aboard the Dutch ice-breaker Ortelius, an expedition-ship,visiting the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, and the Antarctic Peninsula. This adventure will place you among the nesting albatross and countless water-birds of the Falklands, along with the incredible King Penguin colonies of South Georgia Island, each numbering into the hundreds of thousands. And you will see and learn about the fur seals and gigantic elephant seals that rule South Georgia’s beaches. The expedition's final destination will place you among the colorful and astoundingly beautiful ice formations of the Antarctic Peninsula as the author and crew make their way through seemingly endless fields of icebergs, via small zodiac landing craft, where whales abound and Leopard Seals lurk among the ice floes. A true adventure to the bottom of the world! Cerrro Gordo Co. OWLS - Lime Creek Nature Center -Must pay and pre-register if staying for lunch
Dec 5th 11:00am Safari to Zambia Join me for a slide presentation and lecture about the beautiful south African country of Zambia. We 'll safari to thee different bush camps, deep into the country, and we'll ply the waters of the mighty Zambezi River. We'll visit several national parks in this country of friendly people, with an amazing variety of wildlife, including elephant, lion, several species of antelope, countless numbers of fantastic birds, and an amazing leopard population. Story Co. OWLS - McFarland Park Nature Center -Must pay and pre-register if staying for lunch

Jan 3rd

Time - TBD

The Return of Iowa's Bald Eagles Slideshow and lecture regarding the return of Iowa's Bald Eagles to Iowa. Lots of amazing facts and stories about Bald Eagles going about ther day to day lives, and of course there will be plenty of stunning photos of eagles at the nest, raising young, catching fish, and coping with a harsh winter environment. Pella Garden Club- Pella Public Library - 603 Main St, Pella




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