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Favorite Nature Images of the Year - 2007

Welcome to "Favorite Nature Images" a gallery page featuring my own favorite photos, selected from among my best images of the current calendar year. I will continually add images to this page, as the year progresses, so you may enjoy many of my most exciting images of the year. Just click on an image to view an enlargement.

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Winter 2007

Jumping Wood Duck Drake at Beaver Bottoms Wetland

Bald Eagle eating Gizzard Shad

Bald Eagle on ice, along Des Moines River

Bald Eagle with Gizzard Shad

Bald Eagle swooping for Gizzard Shad along Des Moines River

Bald Eagle with Gizzard Shad along the Des Moines River

Swooping Bald Eagle

Swooping Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle catching Gizzard Shad







Spring 2007

Mallard Courtship flight with Pintail/Mallard Hibred drake at upper left

Mallard Drake Landing

Mallard Pair Landing

Green Jay, South Texas

Singing Cactus Wren, South Texas

Male Cardinal, South Texas

Male Indigo Bunting, South Texas

Bathing Lincoln's Sparrow, South Texas

Northern Mockingbird Reflection, South Texas

Female Cardinal fluffing her feathers

Male Goldfinch in Shingle Oak


Summer 2007

Calypso Fairy Slipper Orchid in Canada

Ramshead Lady's Slipper Orchid in Canada

Short-tailed Weasel

Waterfalls along Pictured Rocks Lakeshore, Lake Superior

Fall 2007

10 Point Whitetail Buck on Ridge


9 Point Buck on Timber Ridge

11 Point Buck Following a Doe, During Rut

11 Point Buck at Rub

Chesapeake Retrieving a Mallard Drake

Chesapeake Retrieving Canada Goose


Chesapeake with Wood Duck Drake

Duck Decoys and Fall Color

A solid wall of Snow Geese

Snow Goose Liftoff

Snow Geese in Snow Storm



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