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Favorite Nature Images of the Year - 2004

Welcome to "Favorite Nature Images" a gallery page featuring my own favorite photos, selected from among my best images of the current calendar year. I will continually add images to this page, as the year progresses, so you may enjoy many of my most exciting images of the year. Just click on an image to view an enlargement.

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Winter 2004

Bald Eagle In Flight

Two Gray Timber Wolves

Leaping Gray Wolf

Howling Gray Timber Wolf

Spring 2004

Fox & Bobcat Standoff

Cougar and Kitten

Strutting Ring-necked Pheasant

Red-shafted Flicker


Yellow Ladies Slipper

Whooping Crane

Summer 2004

Mt. Moran Reflection

Teton Meadow

Dew Drop Reflection

Cardinal Flower


Soaring Osprey

Osprey Takeoff

Gray Tree Frog

Fall 2004

Monarch Chrysalis on Little Bluestem

Newly hatched
Monarch on Chrysalis shell

Whitetail Buck

Whitetail Buck

Dave Fox in the Alabama Hills

Bristlecone Pine in White Mountains

View of the Sierras through an Alabama Hills Arch

Bodie State Park

Mono Lake Tufa Formations

Redtail Hawk in stoop (diving at prey)


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